Facebook Ads for Law Firm

How we generated 37 Leads in 8 days for an Immigration Attorney in Dallas for only $549.60

"We are on pace for the best year in the history of our law firm."

Fernando Dubove
Law Office of Fernando Dubove

The Challenge

When we first started, Fernando had absolutely no online presence. None. 
No website. No Facebook. No Google My Business. No Yelp. Nada. 

He had done a phenomenal job of growing his business the old fashioned way: 
He earned it. 

But he'd come to the harsh realization that if he was to survive and thrive... he would have to establish a presence on the "interwebz" as he liked to call it.

The Assets & Resources

Brand Awareness in the Market Place

​Effective Public Speaker & Comfort on Camera

Willingness to give value & give free information

Mr. Dubove had already done television and radio spots before we met so he understood the high cost of advertising on those platforms. 

Although he saw the value, he had come around on the fact that he could get much more exposure at a fraction of the cost of TV, radio, or print. 

He was also incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and was more than willing to give free information to his audience which they could appreciate. 

The Results: A very happy client. 

37 Leads in 8 Days

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Facebook Ad Spend: $549.60

Total People Reached : 47,096