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Youtube Ads are more powerful than a commercial during the Super Bowl.

As hard as it is to believe… it’s true.

Unless of course you are a large company and massive budget for one 30 second commercial.

But even those large companies are spending a fair amount of money every single day on Youtube today.

The Superbowl gets approximately 100 million viewers all over the world.

Youtube videos average 4 billion views EVERY SINGLE DAY!

You obviously do not want to be in front of every one of those single views. Let’s not be ridiculous.

Oh, I know…. you always skip the video ads before the actual video you wanted to see.

However, there is always a percentage of people that will sit there through your ad.

The percentages rise even more if you put your message in front of the right people who will be more receptive to your message!

Insiders Secret:
When they skip the ad… you pay nothing. You essentially have free branding.

And to top it off… you can do all of this at a very affordable rate when compared to Google Adwords (which is an absolutely killer as platform as well)

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